I’m Guessing You’re Over Cookie Cutter Marketing Too...

I got sick of seeing culinary business owners get screwed over by marketing agencies or freelancers.

You know, the kind who promise a lot of results, but only offer cookie cutter approaches that don’t do much for your business?

Vague reports (or no reports at all!) that don’t really tell you a lot about what they did with your marketing budget?

I’m sure there are plenty of good marketers out there, but they must be few and far between…because for years I tried to find the best ones to refer clients to and they always fell short in some way or just didn’t “get it.”

Our Marketing Philosophy

We base our marketing strategies and tactics after things that we have seen work for dozens of culinary business owners. We don’t just throw spaghetti to a wall and hope it sticks (although that can be fun!).

That doesn’t mean that we have the magic silver bullet either. If there’s one thing our marketing team has learned through their collective experience, it’s that marketing is a lot of experimentation too.

We can only do our best work based on the knowledge we have, but at the end of the day we look at the data and tweek and adjust as needed. We’ll never keep doing something that is not helping your brand.

Most importantly, we believe in personalized and customized marketing services that help you reach your business goals.

With everything we do, there is a purpose and a plan.

Time to Stop Getting Screwed Over by Agencies or Freelancers

One of the biggest issues I noticed was that none of them personalized their marketing to their clients’ local area and or put much thought or care into the brand they were marketing for.

*Enter our In-House Culinary Business Marketing Team*

That’s when I decided to build my own in-house culinary business marketing team – a team that understands the culinary world and with me at the helm offering insights as needed.

Not only do they understand the food world, but this team that I’ve built is willing to put the love and dedication into every project. We hold ourselves to a high standard, because we know you expect more out of your marketing too.

Meet the Culinary Marketing Team

Candice Andersen

Marketing Director

Our veteran on the team, Candice has led my marketing for 5 years now. With a background in Public Relations, she helped build the brand and reputation of Savor, my 6-figure meal delivery company I sold in 2019.

She knows the ins and outs of various culinary businesses and what marketing strategies work and don’t. She has helped many of my coaching clients get media coverage, book TV segments, uplevel their marketing materials, improve their websites, put together marketing plans and more.

When she’s not teaching marketing to culinary business owners during my webinars, workshops, or leading the team on projects, Candice is in the kitchen cooking and baking – especially cookies of all varieties for friends and family.

You can also catch her going on walks with her baby boy (our jr. marketing team member!) and goldendoodle, having fun with graphic design, and planning her next getaway with her hubby and family!

Laura Seewoester-Brute

Client Account Manager

Laura is our client account manager and puts thought and care into each culinary business owner we serve.

She’s the one who will talk strategy with you as well as write a lot of the awesome copy you see – driven by keywords and your marketing goals. She is multi-talented when it comes to digital marketing and there is not a project she isn’t willing to tackle!

She has been an exuberant eater most of her life and began her culinary journey as a recipe blogger, foodie and occasional food writer.

She has continued writing professionally for 10+ years in the digital marketing landscape. After a brief stint as a marketing manager with a small craft brewery, she landed with Chef Deb to continue her journey in digital marketing with personal chefs.

When she’s not rubbing elbows with culinary professionals or researching the latest and greatest food trends, she spends her free time in the great outdoors rock climbing and hiking 14ers and trying new recipes, including her latest obsession – sourdough bread!

Coty Levandoski

Social Media & Content Strategist

Social Media & Content Strategist

The newest addition to our marketing team, Coty is the social media master. He pairs compelling content with stunning imagery for optimal social posts that drive engagement and

Coty Levandoski grew up cooking in the kitchen with his father, who worked as a Head Chef and caterer, and has had a love for all things culinary ever since. He’s written for Red Bull, Vice, and a number of other blogs and publications throughout his career.

After cutting his teeth on digital marketing for Red Bull in Santa Monica, he moved to Chicago to head up digital content for Barilla, all before opting to work as a freelancer and, eventually, landing on the Chef Deb team.

If he’s not busy learning from some of the best chefs in the country, he can be found reading, writing, hiking, and watching whatever movie he can get his hands on.

Ready to Get Started?

Our Marketing Services Include:

  • Monthly Maintenance Marketing Packages
    Our team offers a couple different monthly retainer services including social media posts, emails, and blogs to keep your brand top of mind.This service is best for those wanting consistent marketing done for your business. Ideally you already have a following built and this will help you continue to market to them and be at the forefront of their mind.
  • A La Carte Services
    For those needing a bit more aggressive and more specific marketing approach, we offer marketing services in almost every area – including basic website design, copy/editing, ad campaign set up, graphic design, email funnel creation, opt-ins, marketing plan creation and execution and more.