My online courses are created for the culinary business owner who wants to learn and grow at their own pace – without the financial investment and time commitment of my one-on-one coaching programs.

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Chef Diana Kramer

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Mike Cruz

Who is Chef Deb Cantrell and why is she the one to guide you?

I can relate to you on every level. I started at the bottom with nothing and worked my way to the top and I have done it over and over again with 4 different culinary businesses to include a restaurant and catering company and 3 different personal chef companies in 3 different cities which I had to start over again every time. I have spent tens of thousands of dollars on mentors and coaching and now want to share that same knowledge with you.

Over 11 years ago, when my children were small, I realized I was missing valuable time with them and wanted to be more available to them but knew that things like college and vacations were important and as well as a certain income level. I had been a physical therapist for many years but was not fulfilled. I knew the importance of nutrition for my clients in their healing process. I also knew that other parents had to have the same concerns and frustrations that I did about what to feed their family that was healthy, balanced and fresh.

About that time, my son was diagnosed with several food allergies and I was determined to make sure that my family did not miss out flavor and the foods we loved. After attending culinary school at the Culinary Business Academy, classes at Fort Worth Culinary School and the CIA in Napa I opened my first of 4 companies to include a restaurant in 2003. I created a system of providing meal solutions that allowed my clients consistency in their lives through my systems and education.

I realized after being in business for 9 years and the urging of a lot of people that I needed to start educating and being a resource for special dietary needs and healthy eating. I discovered that the secret to success was to not only to provide meals for my clients but also to educate them about everything that I learned working with special dietary needs. Now others are able to accomplish their new way of eating and goals effortlessly, consistently and seamlessly with the products and systems that I have developed.

In 2014, I took it a step further and developed a mentor and coaching program called the Culinary Success Institute to teach other chefs to cook for, educate and create awareness around the importance of feeding people the right way and to have a consciousness and responsibility about food. Now I want you as well as other chefs to have success with food and all its possibilities to feed the body, nourish the mind and heal the soul. It’s all about food with purpose!

Chef Deb Cantrell

Executive Chef/Owner
Savor Culinary Services, LLC